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Chloe Burroughs

Website Traffic and Content Analysis, Keyword Audit and Pinterest Strategy

Chloe Burroughs is a Study Skills Expert helping non-traditional university and college students achieve higher grades. Chloe and I have worked together on a couple of projects now. Initially I was hired to carry out a full analysis of her successful study skills website, focusing primarily on Traffic, Content, Keywords and SEO. More recently I have reviewed her Pinterest performance and provided her with a comprehensive strategy for growing this channel.

"I HIGHLY recommend that you work with Laura. Our experience together surpassed my expectations because, to be honest, I couldn't completely fathom the wizardry that Laura could do. Laura helped me with my online marketing by completing a full audit of my website and content to identify areas for improvements in website traffic and conversion. She completed this to the timescales we agreed and then presented me with her findings. She broke down all the improvements that I could make to my online presence and I left the presentation feeling motivated and confident that I could put all this good stuff into practice.

I now know the exact actions I need to take to grow my business and I've got content ideas mapped out for probably the whole year. Laura is friendly, detail-oriented and truly a pleasure to work with. You can tell that she really cares about her clients' businesses. I can't wait to bring her onto more projects this year.
Chloe Burroughs - Study Skills Expert
Chloe Burroughs
Study Skills Expert

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